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Model PLC District; Solution Tree 2018

Course Description

Advanced Art                                                      Grade:  10-12                                       Credits:     1                                                                                     

Course #...558/561                                                                                                             Offered: Both Semesters, Student Demand

The following courses are designed for students interested in pursuing their interest in art and for those students that have an interest in going on to college for art.  Advanced art can be taken multiple times for credit. No one area of advanced art can be taken more than one time. For example: a student could take art history, comic book design and abstract painting as advanced art classes but cannot take art history more than once.  The following is a list of focus areas that students may choose to explore: 

  •         Abstract Drawing- students will develop their ability to look at things in an abstract manner
  •         Abstract Painting-students will explore a variety of abstract painting techniques and styles
  •         Advanced 3-D Design – Students will explore and develop 3-D structures.
  •         Advanced Cartooning- students will complete weekly strip cartoons and political or use oriented cartoons
  •         Advanced Design- students will work with more advanced designs and patterns as well as illustrations
  •         Advanced Drawing- black/white and color drawing and biological and graphic illustrations will be explored
  •       Advanced Graphic Art- Deals with a further exploration into creating design graphically.
  •         Advanced Painting- students will explore painting styles, movements and techniques
  •         Advanced Surfaces and Structures-students will explore a variety of materials and processes to create designs and sculptural forms
  •         Comic Book Design-students will develop a comic book from inception to completion
  •         Photography – Having your own camera and printing supplies would be necessary to do this.