Carlisle Community Schools

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Model PLC District; Solution Tree 2018


Phase II Projects include $14.5 million for construction of a new indoor activities center, $750,000 for renovations and relocation of the high school Art and Industrial Tech classrooms, $600,000 for district-wide security/technology improvements, $550,000 for energy efficiency improvements at the Elementary School, and $600,000 for district-wide upgrades for K-12 classroom furniture updates.   

Responding to the election results, Superintendent Bryce Amos said, "I want to say a big 'thank you' to the voters of the Carlisle School District. They saw the needs to make improvements and invest in the futures of our students and this community.  They have a long history of supporting our schools and supporting our kids.”

“We appreciate all the hard work that many people put in to make this bond issue successful. I’m proud to be a Wildcat and a member of this community.”

Construction on the Phase II projects will start this spring with the industrial tech project and the indoor activities center this upcoming fall.  All of the Phase II Projects are scheduled for completion by 2021.   Visit the district website to learn more about the Phase II Projects at