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Model PLC District; Solution Tree 2018

Important District Transportation News: BUS ROUTES HAVE CHANGED

Other important busing information:

Pay-to-ride transportation within the Carlisle city limits will be billed at the beginning of the quarter.  A single student fee is $90/quarter and a family is $150/quarter.  Families have until the end of the quarter to pay the fee. 

District will be using Route Numbers instead of bus numbers. Students will look for a sign to the left of the bus doors for the route number.
All students should arrive at their bus stops no less than 5 minutes before their scheduled times and buses may arrive up to 5 minutes after their scheduled time. Inclement weather does affect bus schedules, and therefore the arrival times may vary.  
Once the school year has started and you need to make changes to transportation, it will be a 72-hour implementation period. Changes in transportation will not be accepted unless approved by the Transportation
Department (515) 989-5301.
Parents/Guardians must submit requests for one-day route changes to school offices no less than 24-hours prior to date.
The district’s Parent/Student Transportation Handbook is available on the website.