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Schools across the country have continued to see a rise in these behaviors, so we are sharing an  information resource from the CDC on this topic.  Please review this information and speak with your student about this topic. Please note that possession of these materials on school property is prohibited.

Juul is a name-brand vaping device that is sleek, small, easily concealable and most often mistaken for a computer thumb drive. Sometimes, the device is no larger than a couple of inches long and 0.5 inches wide. The devices are so inconspicuous and innocent looking that it is difficult to spot. In fact, someone might be looking at a vaping device like a Juul and not even know it.

The use of a Juul or other electronic cigarette works by heating a liquid substance that is inhaled by the user. The type of liquid can vary from flavored water-type mixtures to nicotine or marijuana. Unfortunately, “juuling” has become a hot trend for adolescents, since many children believe it is safer than smoking tobacco, it’s not. 

Each Juul pod has about the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes, or 200 puffs. Specifically, the nicotine concentration is 59 mg/mL per pod, which can be more than double that of other vaping products. Nicotine is very addictive, and exposure to nicotine in adolescence has been shown to have long-term impacts on brain development.

Also, a lot of teenagers have no idea what’s in their vape. In a study sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, when high schoolers were asked what they believed was in the last product they vaped, most said “just flavoring.” As for the Juul, some teens are filling the pods with other substances, which is even more dangerous.

We want to work together to keep all learners safe, and to help in educating them in making healthy decisions and lifestyle choices. Please consider talking about the dangers of electronic cigarettes, vaping, and juuling. Again, please review the information from the CDC, and contact the school with any questions or concerns.


CDC Information on Juuling