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COVID-19 Information

                                                                                APRIL 3, 2020
With the Governor’s extension of school closure to April 30th, the district will be developing Continuous Learning Guides for parents that will be available on April 10th. The Learning Guides will provide a framework of learning for PK-12 in all content areas for students to have voluntary educational enrichment opportunities during the closure period. Parents will be encouraged to have their child participate in these learning opportunities. Since the district is providing learning opportunities for students we will not have to make up the days during the closure period.
The district will be sending out more information for parents on the Continuous Learning Guides on Thursday, April 9th. Information will include specific directions on how to access guides, the different learning platform options to allow for equity of access and how students with Individual Education Plans and 504 Plans will be supported. Our teacher collaborative teams will be working with administrators early next week in the development and implementation of these guides.
The district will be sending out a survey to get information from families on the continuous learning readiness. I encourage all parents to complete the survey, the data from the survey will help the district develop our learning supports during the closure period.
As we prepare to move into our second week of school closure, I would like to share my thoughts as a parent and educator on what is going on:
To our Carlisle parents – I want to reassure you that our students will not “lose” any learning during this closure time. Carlisle teachers will ensure that all students when they come back to the classrooms will get the learning they need to move to the next grade level. As educators we know how to adjust our planning and teaching to meet students where they are in their learning.  When our school year starts back up, our teachers will adjust and meet the learning needs of our students that is what our great Carlisle teachers do every day.
To our Carlisle Teachers – As a parent and superintendent I want to thank you for your dedication to our school community. We are all learning new ways to communicate and support our students and parents. The best part is we are all learning together.
We as a school community will come out of this time stronger together, Carlisle School Community, we got this!
                                                                                    March 31, 2020
Carlisle CSD is committed to the health and safety of our school community. Playground equipment surfaces are not sanitized and we do not have the ability to ensure sanitation of these surfaces on a daily basis. The track located at Doane Hakes Stadium will remain open for walking and running with restrictions at this time. Stadium users are advised to follow district guidelines:
  • Organized group activities are not allowed on athletic fields. Team sports such as (soccer, football, baseball,                      softball, etc.) are not permitted on the fields
  • NO congregating groups on district athletic fields and stadium complex
  • Individuals using the track must practice social distancing by maintaining SIX FEET of personal space
  • Do NOT use track if you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
We understand the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, we ask that EVEVERYONE do it responsibly. While the school district is posting signage at appropriate locations, we will not install caution tape or additional fencing.
Public visitors must adhere to all closure notices and current social distancing recommendations. We ask our families to do their part to help keep our school community safe and healthy.
March 27, 2020
As our community copes with COVID-19, Carlisle CSD is committed to providing students with educational opportunities and resources to continue learning at home. Resources include a combination of online texts, digital libraries, handouts, virtual field trips, parent-guided lessons, and independent work.During this time we recommend parents take the following steps:
    • Create a schedule for the day. Providing students with a structured environment will help establish a sense of normalcy and set clear expectations for the day.
    • Diversify activities throughout the day.
    • Include free time in their schedule.
    • Limit long periods of unnecessary screen time.
Individual Education Plan meetings will be conducted virtually when possible. School principals or special education teachers will contact parents to arrange for IEP meetings and provide support as needed. For questions concerning IEP meetings, contact your child’s special education teacher or the school principal. 504 annual meetings will be held virtually when possible. Principals will contact parents to provide support as needed.
As we prepare to move into our second week of school closure, I would like to share my thoughts as a parent and educator on what is going on:
To our Carlisle Teachers - we have entered a time of uncertainty and are facing new challenges, but you got this. We are professionals and can do it! I’ve learned how to use Google Hangouts and Zoom all in the past week. I have attended more virtual meetings this past week that I am sure that I have logged more screen time than my two teenagers...and why? Because I love what I do...and I know you do too! We are not perfect, but I know as educators we will do our best to do what is right by our students. Be patient. Be flexible. Be you! Wildcat teachers, we got this!
To our Carlisle parents - you got this! Carlisle parents and teachers have worked as partners in education for years, this is what makes Carlisle a great district. We will continue to be partners during this new challenge. Please be patient with your teachers. They are doing their best to learn new technology and change from a face to face model to a distance learning model. We are not perfect. We will make mistakes. And things will change. The best part is we are all learning together. We as a school community will come out of this time stronger together.  Wildcat parents, we got this!

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Bryce Amos, Superintendent of Schools

                               DISTRICT CLOSURE MARCH 23-APRIL 13
The Governor recommends that all Iowa schools be closed for four weeks until April 13, 2020.  Carlisle CSD will be closed for four weeks until April 13, 2020.  All athletic practices, & activities are canceled effective immediately.  In the short term that means our schools and facilities are inaccessible except for designated staff.  All athletic practices, and activities are canceled effective immediately. Please know we are working through all options for our staff, students, and families and will have more information soon.
As this situation changes rapidly, please know we will communicate information with you as soon as we can that more clearly defines school closure expectations.