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                           HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT COURSE PLAN
                                                       APRIL 27 – MAY 22
                                         High School Credit Course Learning Plan - Informational Video
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Course grades for students enrolled in high school credit courses will be determined on work assigned by teachers prior to March 12, 2020. Part of the direction the  Iowa Department of Education has given us for Voluntary Educational Enrichment Opportunities is that we cannot require any new work to be completed.  High School Credit course grades are important at the secondary level. They are required for the awarding of course credits that meet graduation requirements and they calculate a GPA that is looked at by colleges for entrance and scholarships.  We believe that the best way to award a grade to students would be to take the most recent grade on the work that they have completed so far this semester.


The district has developed options

 for students in high school credit courses as part of the Continuous Learning Plan.  Students will have the option of learning platform (Virtual or Instructional Packets) to complete their option of choice. The following will explain the adjustment for high school credit courses.


OPTION 1: Take the course grade as it stands for work completed by March 12th
OPTION 2: Choose to take a Pass “P” for course based on work completed by March 12th
OPTION 3: Component Recovery: improve the course grade by turning in any late work and/or retake any assessments

                   from the beginning of second semester through March 12th.




Grading Options


Option 1: Take Course Grade as of March 12, 2020

Students who select this option will accept the grade currently recorded in Infinite Campus as of March 12, 2020. Option One students will not be able to submit any late work or retake any assessments to improve their grade. 


Option 2: Pass/Fail Course Grade

Students who elect to take th

e course under the pass/fail option will earn a “P” (pass) based on their current grade recorded in Infinite Campus as of March 12, 2020.  In order to earn a “P,” a student must earn a passing grade (60% or above) based on the same criteria used to assign grades to all students in the class.


Option 3: Component Recovery

Students who select this option will have the opportunity to improve course grade by turning in late work and retake any assessments from the beginning of the second semester.  Teachers will communicate with students to assign the necessary work to improve course grade.  Recovery period for work completion will be from April 27 – May 22ndStudents may select P/F after grades are posted on May 22nd. Final grades will be posted on May 27th


                                              High School Credit Course Learning Plan - Informational Video




High School Credit Course Program Selection Survey



                                Continuous Learning Plan
The district’s Continuous Learning plan was approved by the Iowa Department of Education earlier this week. The district will not be required to make up the school closure days. The district will be providing voluntary educational enrichment opportunities to students in grades Preschool-12th grade.
District Weekly Learning Guides will be available for parents and students to access every Friday at 3:00 on the district website. Learning guides provide supplemental learning to essential learning targets that were covered prior to March 13th.
The Learning Guides are provided on two learning platforms. The Primary Learning Platform will be provided via online/virtual learning. The Secondary Learning Platform will be provided via instructional packets that schools will mail to households that do not have access to internet services.
Parents and students can contact their classroom teachers and school principals for support or questions for the learning guides. The district has provided a FAQ available on our website for parents and students.
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