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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The Carlisle Community School district partners with Employee & Family Resources (EFR) to administer our EAP.  We are pleased to offer this free and confidential benefit to our entire staff and their family.  It is our hope that our staff takes advantage of these services if the need arises.  
What is an EAP?
An EAP is a confidential resource that helps employees deal with stress management, depression, anxiety, legal and financial concerns, family conflict, parenting challenges, substance abuse and more.  The program includes up to 6 sessions of counseling per person per issue.  It is available any time day or night every day of the year. 
Who is eligible?
The EAP program is available to all full time and part time staff members and their immediate family members.  Children should be a dependent that lives in your home or is in college or the military. 
Where do I start?
Call 1-800-327-4692 to speak with an EFR service member.  Access EFR online at
Below is a list of trainings that staff members may need to take as a part of their employment with the school district.  The name of the training is followed by a description including who may need to take the training, followed by the frequency of the training.  AEA Online learning modules can be found by logging in here.
Mandatory Reporting of Child & Dependent Adult Abuse - All staff licensed through the BOEE, and paraeducators are required to complete this training every 3 years.  The Iowa Department of Human Services offers this training free of charge through their website.
Seizure Training - Staff responsible for working directly with those students who may have seizures, every year. The link can be found here 
Bloodborne Pathogens - All staff are required to complete this module, every year.  This is an AEA module.
Right to Know - All staff are required to complete this module, every year.  This is an AEA module.
Asbestos Awareness - All maintenance & custodial staff at risk of exposure to asbestos materials, every year.  This is an AEA module.
Lockout/Tagout - All staff charged with operating machines that utilize dangerous energy, every year.  This is an AEA module.
Medication Administration - All staff who distribute medication are required to complete this training, every 5 years.  There may be other required training based on specific medication needs of students.  This is an AEA module.
Level One Investigator Training - All Level One Investigators must take the training at initial appointment and then, every 5 years.  This is an AEA module.
Suicide Prevention/Post-vention - All licensed staff through the BOEE, paraeducators and building secretaries are responsible for completing this training, every year.   This is an AEA module.
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): From Toxic Environment Stresses to Success - All staff are required to complete this module every year. This is an AEA module.
Title IX - All staff are required to be trained in recognizing harassment and how to respond, every year.  This training is available through the Human Resources Information page of the district website.  Please review the powerpoint.
Concussion Protocol - Any staff member who is a coach and must maintain their certification every year.
Seclusion & Restraint - All staff who interact with students, every year.  This is an AEA module.  Chapter 103 Training 2021 - A statewide training module called Overview of State Requirements Regarding Seclusion and Restraint: Chapter 103 (2021 Revision) is available through the AEA Learning System. Use the search terms "chapter 103" to find the module in the catalog. The online module provides instruction and checks for understanding with a record of participation housed within the AEA Learning System. The content provides an initial working knowledge of the December 2020 rules on seclusion and restraint. Given the differences in legislative changes, completing the previous training on the topic does not give certification for the 2021 version of the training; the training must be retaken.