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Teaching and Learning » School Improvement Goals 2017-18

School Improvement Goals 2017-18

Carlisle Community Schools have leadership teams in each building comprised of administrators and teachers.  Each year the leadership teams develop school improvement plans that outlines strategic goals, focus areas to improve student achievement and the overall educational experience for all students.  Leadership teams analyze and review student achievement data to develop improvement plan goals.   District administration conducts progress monitoring sessions of the building’s school improvement plans throughout the school year to ensure successful implementation. 


2017-18 Carlisle Community Schools District Goals

      Goal #1: Carlisle Community Schools will function as a Professional Learning Community that ensures high levels of learning
                      for all.
      Goal #2: All students will be proficient or above on district identified Essential Learning Targets.
      Goal #3: District will reduce the achievement gap by at least 25% for all student subgroups in math and reading as measured
                      by Iowa Assessment.


2017-18 Building School Improvement Plans