Carlisle Community Schools

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School Foundation



The Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to quality public education for all the children attending Carlisle Community Schools. We are an independent organization, yet work closely with the school district administration and Board of Education. Our role is to support learning opportunities for students reaching beyond the scope of our school system’s regular funding limits. These include, but are not limited to, materials for innovative classroom instruction, teacher training, and learning activities outside the school day that are tied to the curriculum.

The Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation supports learning by actively building endowment funds and then distributing funds to promote educational excellence.  We provide the opportunity for employees, community members, and alumni to make tax-deductible contributions in recognition and support of the Carlisle Community Schools.  The foundation was created in 2007.

To see more about how the Foundation supports students at Carlisle, please visit our Facebook Page at

How to Contribute
The Foundation now accepts donations online!
Donations can be made online through our host, the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation. Click on the link below and you will see that the Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation box has already been selected. Just complete the donor information requested and select submit. donation will support educational projects for years to come and is greatly appreciated. You also may apply for an Endow Iowa Tax Credit based on your donation.