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School Foundation

Foundation Board Members
  • Kirk Glawe – President
  • Jen Rowray – Vice President
  • Stephanie Sinclair – Secretary
  • Machele Henderson – Treasurer


The Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to quality public education for all the children attending Carlisle Community Schools. We are an independent organization, yet work closely with the school district administration and Board of Education. Our role is to support learning opportunities for students reaching beyond the scope of our school system’s regular funding limits. These include, but are not limited to, materials for innovative classroom instruction, teacher training, and learning activities outside the school day that are tied to the curriculum.

The Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation supports learning by actively building endowment funds and then distributing funds to promote educational excellence.  We provide the opportunity for employees, community members, and alumni to make tax-deductible contributions in recognition and support of the Carlisle Community Schools.  The foundation was created in 2007.

In The News


The Carlisle Schools Foundation Awards Academic Grants

The Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation board is excited to announce the 2017-18 funding of academic projects to Carlisle School District educators.  A “thank you” to those educators who made an application to fund these special projects.  The Foundation’s mission is to HELP TEACHERS, HELP STUDENTS.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following Grant Recipients


  • Tricia Smith and Kristin Kapusinski (Carlisle Elementary K-3 Reading Interventionists)

Project: Wildcat Readers Book Bag Reading Incentive Program. 

The Foundation awarded $1,925 for the purchase of quality books to support level appropriate reading in the classroom and also provide engaging books which students are able to select for their “take home” reading bag.


  • Jessica Fastenow (5th Grade Educator)

Project:  Bring the Focus Back to Class

Educators report measurable improvement in student engagement leading to an increased rate of learning as a result of the physical stimulation generated by sitting on a stability ball in the classroom.  The Foundation awarded $180 to purchase 10 stability balls.


  • Jocelyn Glass (Building Learning Coordinator for 4th & 5th grades)

Project: Leveled Texts for Hartford Readers

The goal of this project is to improve the teaching practices in literacy at Hartford Upper Elementary by expanding the needed classroom libraries.  The Foundation awarded $820 for the purchase of engaging and level appropriate books for students.


  • Josh Baxter and Michael Geisler (High School Educator/HS Building Learning Coordinator)

Project: Chrome Books for High School Academic Support Center

Mr. Baxter’s academic support center is a non-traditional academic setting uniquely designed to implement student by student/need by need instruction with a focus on the needs of the whole student.  The Foundation awarded $537 for the purchase of 3 additional chrome books to provided necessary access to technology to support this program.


  • Emma George (Middle School Spanish Educator)

Project:  Flexible Seating in MS Spanish Classroom

Flexible seating is a research based educational movement encouraging a variety of classroom seating options to empowers students with choice which is a simple way for students to take charge of their own learning.  The Foundation awarded $250 for the purchase of 2 Hokki stools to support flexible seating to improve student engagement.


  • Kristy Stills (High School English Language Arts Educator)

Project:  ELA Book Club

To encourage the love of reading and continue to build reading fluency, the high school English Language Arts (ELA) department has implemented a free reading program as a part of their classroom time.  The goal is to have a variety of engaging books at various reading levels. The Foundation awarded $383.04 for the purchase of additional books.


Since the Foundation began awarding academic grants in 2011, a total of $27,070.71 has funded 44 projects supporting dozens of CSD teachers district-wide and impacting hundreds of students annually! Although our board is happy to see the positive impact the Foundation has had on Carlisle students, we are a long way from content. Our goal is to work diligently to grow our endowment fund which will allow larger grant awards in the future. We thank all who have supported us financially and shared their time and talents to Help Teachers Help Students! To learn more about the Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation, contact Board Member, Jen Rowray @ 515-770-6063 or e-mail



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How to Contribute
The Foundation now accepts donations online!
Donations can be made online through our host, the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation. Click on the link below and you will see that the Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation box has already been selected. Just complete the donor information requested and select submit. donation will support educational projects for years to come and is greatly appreciated. You also may apply for an Endow Iowa Tax Credit based on your donation.