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CMS Science

8th Grade Pre AP General Science
Eighth grade general science students will work with 3 different modules along with added content covering scientific method,  weather and waves over the course of the school year.  Each lesson in the modules build on skills and concepts presented in previous lessons. As students progress through the module, they take greater responsibility for their own learning, eventually planning and conducting their own procedures, devising their own data tables, and analyzing the results they obtain.
Physical Science - High School Credit Course
Physical Science is the study of matter and energy.  Major areas of study will include energy and motion, properties of atoms & the periodic table, chemical bonds and reactions,  measurement and conversion, earth and space science.  The course will utilize a hands-on approach that is integrated with technology to provide students with a deeper understanding of the physical sciences.  Emphasis will be placed on problem-solving, decision-making, and the use of the scientific method to investigate the major concepts included in the physical sciences.
7th Grade Advanced General Science
Advanced 7th grade science will include an in-depth study of physical, life & earth sciences that are covered in both the 7th & 8th grade years.  Students will learn through a series of labs, class discussions, & follow-up content development. Throughout the unit, the learning will develop to more advanced topics & students will take responsibility for a research project related to some units.  Area of study will include: Experimenting with mixtures, compounds & elements, development & reproduction of organisms, planetary systems, digestion & motion, plate tectonics, electricity, waves & information transfer.
About the Teacher
High School: MFL Community Schools, Monona, Iowa
Undergraduate Degree: University of Northern Iowa
Teaching Experience: Columbia Public Schools, Columbia, Mo. (5 years)
Classes Taught: 8th Grade General Science
Teaching Experience: Carlisle Community Schools, Carlisle, Ia. (6th year)
Classes Taught: 7th Grade General Science, 7th Grade Advanced Science, 8th Grade General Science, Physical Science