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Mrs. Amanda Wright - HS Science

                   Welcome to Mrs. Wright's science class!  
About your teacher:  Mrs. Wright is a happy person that is energetic and passionate about science.  She is starting her eighth year with the Carlisle School District and cannot wait to share her love of science with another group of Carlisle students in the fall!
Fun Facts About Mrs. Wright:
  • Graduate of Central College
  • Currently working on a masters degree in counseling from Drake University
  • Loves playing board games with friends and family
Courses taught by Mrs. Wright:
Physical Science: Freshmen students will have a great time learning about the physical aspect of science.  We will discuss everything from atoms to human sustainability in a fun and interactive way.
Biology: Freshmen and sophomore students will enjoy individual and collaborative activities that center around living organisms and the way they impact the environment.  First semester will focus on energy and ecology, and second semester will center around human genetics.
Chemistry: Chemistry will focus on matter and its interactions. Sophomore and junior students will be able to learn chemistry concepts through hands-on and collaborative activities. Major topics will include atomic structure, ionic and covalent bonding, Molar Math, and Stoichiometry.  
This year is going to be an amazing year, and Mrs. Wright is extremely excited to help her physical science,  biology, and chemistry students achieve growth and academic success in her classroom.