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Mr. Wright

Mr. Wright has taught at Carlisle High School for the past fifteen years.  He did his student teaching at CHS in 2006  and happily joined the language department in 2007.  After over a decade of teaching everything from LA 9 to Drama, Mr. Wright made the switch to special education in 2018.  He still works closely with the language arts team as their collaborative team leader (CTL), but he enjoys his new role providing individualized lessons and services to students here at CHS.
Outside of school, Mr. Wright has many exciting adventures on the horizon.  As an avid comic book enthusiast, he has several conventions that he plans to attend:  Planet Comic Con, Des Moines Comic Con, Star Trek Vegas, and a few smaller ones here and there.  When not "nerding out", Mr. Wright enjoys working around the house, reading, watching cartoons from the 80s, and spending time with his wife.