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Silver Cord Opportunities

Carlisle High School Silver Cord Program Guidelines

The purpose of the Silver Cord Program is to encourage students to make a contribution to their community through service/volunteer hours and to recognize those efforts. The award can be earned by completing 200 hours of approved community service with non-profit organizations. It is suggested that students complete a minimum of 50 hours of approved service activities per year to reach the total 200 total hours, however, students may accumulate their 200 hours in varying amounts during their four years of high school. (Examples include but not limited to: schools, local or state government, church, community events, or community organizations). All school activities Students that meet all program requirements will receive a silver cord to wear on their robes during the commencement ceremony.



Those eligible for the CHS Silver Cord Award must be full-time students meet all program requirements.

The Silver Cord Program began on August 19, 2013. No hours of service prior to that date will be accepted. For future classes, the Silver Cord Program will begin on June 1st after completing 8th grade. The program concludes April 30th of Senior year.

Students that transfer to CHS during high school will have required hours pro-rated based on their current grade classification.

Acceptable/Non-acceptable Service Activities:
Service hours must be acquired through service to a minimum of three different organizations. A maximum of 100 hours per organization can be used to satisfy program requirements.

Silver Cord Service Award hours must be earned by providing a service or meeting a clear need for a non-profit agency, church, school, park, charity program, or community event. The service should be above and beyond the usual scope of involvement and should not be part of required service for a program.

Silver Cord hours cannot be needed to satisfy a class or requirement by any agency, program or organization, for a relative, for pay or compensation of any kind.

Religious Service

Silver Cord Service hours may not be directly involved with the rituals, services, or ceremonies of any specific religion.

Some examples of religious activities that would be considered acceptable service are: teaching Sunday or Vacation Bible School, babysitting during services, working on a sound crew, recording or videotaping a service, or mission trips.

Some examples of religious activities that would not be considered acceptable service are: singing in the choir, candle lighting, reading from religious texts, altar service.