Carlisle Community Schools

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Model PLC District; Solution Tree 2018

Carlisle Speech Advances to State Competition

Below is the list of students moving onto the state competition.
The Improv 2 group of Casey Hutchins, Nicole Hintz, Ashton White and Aubrey Burgin received a division I rating and will compete at state. 
"Voices": Ann Lent, Noah Imhoff, Shaylee Coate, Ella Andersen, Cheyenne Lewis, Sam Watson, Kyle Oliver, Connor Young.
"The Day the Crayon's Quit": Kale Gunther, Hannah Ryan, Lucas Kozak, Raegan Hetrick, Gabby McCoy, Krisjan Henderson, Connor Smalley, Ally Emberton, Vaughn Gibson, Erik Landgren, Jack Miller, Aubrey Burgin.