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School Board Approves Revisions to District Pay-to-Ride Services for 2019-20  


The Carlisle School Board approved the revisions for the Pay-To-Ride (PTR) Bus Services for the 2019-20 school year at the May 13th School Board meeting. The district went through several phases of revisions based feedback from patrons and school board reviews.   Revisions were necessary due the district not being able to sustain current PTR services due to regional shortages in bus drivers and cost of programming.


Program Details:

  1. Available to Kindergarten-12th grade students who do not qualify for state-funded transportation who live in the Carlisle city limits.  
  2. Students must be picked up and dropped off at their assigned school bus stop.  Pick-up and drop-off must be at the same location.  Bus stop will be determined by Carlisle Community School District.
  3. No guest students will be allowed to ride along with Pay-to-Ride students.
  4. All students riding the bus are subject to the rules of conduct and safety and may be removed temporarily or permanently due to misbehavior.
  5. No refunds will be granted after the PTR School Bus Pass is issued.
  6. Registration for PTR Bus Services is limited to 175 School Bus Passes for grades K-12th.
  7. PTR Bus Service has two types of Registration:
      • Zone Registration (May 28 – June 4): Registration is based on distance to main campus. Registration map available on district’s transportation web page.
      • Open Registration (June 11th): registration are processed in order they are received and space is limited.  Once space is full, students will be placed on a waiting list. 
  8. The fee schedule for PTR School Bus Pass. Students eligible for the CSD free/reduced school lunch program will be charged the reduced rate.
  9. Payment for PTR School Bus Pass are due by August 9th and December 19th.  Failure to pay by the deadline will make your pass available to the next student on the waitlist. 
  10. All students are required to have a PTR School Bus Pass. There will be $5 replacement fee for a lost bus pass.
  11. For additional information, contact the Transportation Director,  Jason Bradshaw ( or Superintendent of Schools, Bryce Amos

PTR Registration Information

PTR Zone Registration will open at 8:00 am on May 28th and close June 4th at 9:00 pm.  All registration must completed on line through the district’s transportation web page registration link.  The district will have registration kiosks available in the district office during regular office hours. Completed registrations will be date-stamped.


Pay-To-Ride (PTR) Registration Link

(available on Tuesday, May 28th 8:00 am - Tuesday, June 4th 9:00 pm



PTR Registration Zone Map




PTR School Bus Service Fees

Fee SChedule



Carlisle CSD Transportation Frequently Asked Questions
For more information please contact Jason Bradshaw, Transportation Director, 515.989.3137 or Zenda Adams, 515.989.5301.

To inquire about available bus driver positions, please contact the Human Resources department.

In case of inclement weather that prevents the buses from driving their regular route, the Hard Surface Only routes may be required.  See link on right side of this page.