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Proposed Changes for Pay-to-Ride Services for

2019-20 School Year

Due to program costs and staff shortages, the Carlisle School District is proposing changes to our current Pay-to-Ride services. The District offers Pay-to-Ride (PTR) services as a convenience for parents.  Iowa law does not require school districts to transport students that reside within two miles for students in grades K-8 or 3 miles for grades 9-12. 


The proposed changes are:

  •      Participation in the district’s PTR services would move to a first-come-first-served policy to determine student eligibility for the available number of seats.
  •       PTR Services would have a total of 100 seats available for students with the District maintaining a wait list for PTR services.
    •       North Side of Hwy 5 = 50 seats
    •       South Side of Hwy 5 = 50 seats
  •      The District would have North Side bus stops (3) and South Side stops (2) for PTR bus riders. Maps that clearly depict the PTR bus stops are located below. 
  •      There will be a new PTR fee schedule based per semester. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches are eligible for reduced fees.  A detailed fee schedule is below. Fees will be due prior to start of each semester before students can be added to bus routes and issued a bus pass.


Students who qualify for State and Pre-School bus routes will not be impacted by the changes to PTR services.  The district will maintain our Shuttle Services for the Middle School and Hartford Upper Elementary.  The shuttle services from the Middle School to the main campus will continue.


The district is seeking feedback from parents on the proposed changes to the PTR services. The district has established a survey to collect feedback.  We will review the feedback to develop the final proposal that will be presented to the school board in April.  The school board will be taking action on the proposed changes to PTR services at the April board meeting.


We are hopeful that providing this preliminary information on the proposed changes will allow families to give the district feedback to complete the final proposal to the school board. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at  as we work together to continually improve and provide the best education possible to our students.


Proposed Fee Schedule for PTR Services

  •       Payment is due at prior to start of each semester
  •       Families have two payment options: Yearly or Semester


1st Family Member

2nd Family Member

Each Additional Family Member

Standard Rate

$125 ($250/yr)

$75 ($150/yr)

$50 ($100/yr)

Reduced Rate**

$50 ($100/yr)

$30 ($60/yr)

$20 ($40/yr)

      ** Reduced rates based on student qualification on federal lunch application waiver


Proposed PTR Bus Stops for 2019-20

  •       North Side (3): 1st Street & Park Street / 5th Street & Penn / Linhardt & Market
  •       South Side (2): South 5th Street & Veterans Memorial / South 5th Street @ Aquatic Center
  •       Only students with discretionary bus passes would be allowed to ride


 Click here for Feedback Survey




Important 2018-2019 Transportation Information


Transportation information must be updated for 2018-19 school year.  The updates will be completed as part of the Annual Update process.  New students will complete the transportation information as part of their enrollment. 


It will be required that all students who need transportation services complete the transportation update by July 6, 2018.


Bus routes, bus stops, and bus numbers will be changing for the 2018-2019 school year to ensure efficient and timely routes.  If your student’s transportation update is not completed your student/s will not be routed for the first day of school.  Once bus routes are complete, a letter will be sent out with the new information.


For questions or concerns please contact,  Jason Bradshaw at 515-989-5315 or Zenda Adams at 515-989-5301.


For more information please contact Jason Bradshaw, Transportation Director, 515.989.3137 or Zenda Adams, 515.989.5301.

To inquire about available bus driver positions, please contact the Human Resources department.

In case of inclement weather that prevents the buses from driving their regular route, the Hard Surface Only routes may be required.  See link on right side of this page.