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Carlisle High School which is home to the scarlet and gold "Wildcats", sits 10 miles Southeast of downtown Des Moines.  CHS is a proud member of the Raccoon River Conference (A.D.M., Ballard, Bondurant-Farrar, Boone, Carroll, Perry, & Winterset).  CHS offers a rigorous college and career curriculum that meets the needs of all students at high levels.  With concurrent enrollment courses at DMACC and 13 different Advanced Placement courses CHS prides itself on a culture of higher education and options for all types of student interests.  CHS operates as a professional learning community school in which staff and students join in on the journey of academic success through assessment for learning and constant student feedback.
Mr. Matthew J. Blackmore has served CHS as the principal for the past four years and is happy to meet with you personally to learn more about CHS and the "Wildcat Way".  You can contact him at 515.989.0831 or
Go Cats!
Carlisle High School
430 School Street
Carlisle, IA 50047

Main Office
Matthew J. Blackmore Principal 515.989.0831 Ext. 5382
Seth Poldberg Assistant Principal 515.989.0831 Ext. 5380
Leah Heidemann School Counselor 515.989.0831 Ext. 5389
Stephanie Guthrie School Counselor 515.989.0831 Ext. 5386
Tonya King Liaison Officer 515.989.0831 Ext. 5376
Luann Tucker Administrative Assistant 515.989.0831 Ext. 5390
Terri Joiner Registrar 515.989.0831 Ext. 5374
Activities Department
Darin Schreck Activities Director 515.989.0831 Ext. 5391
Vicki Born Activities Assistant 515.989.0831 Ext. 5384