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Sinclair Staff Photo
Mrs. Sinclair gets that not every student is the same. She meets them where they are, and she once said to me, "I promise, I will not let your kiddo fall through the cracks." And she didn't. When he refused to go in for extra help, she went to find him and made him work with her. It is a very amazing feeling to know that the people/ teachers your kids spend 80% of their time with care about their success as much as you do. Thanks for being AMAZING! You rock~
Mr. Fletcher is a teacher who never gives up on his students. Even when some of the kids in his class are rude to him, he still comes to class every day and tries his best to teach them. He is always patient and kind, and he always makes learning fun. He also tells us stories in class sometimes, which makes learning even more enjoyable.

I am so grateful to have Mr. Fletcher as my teacher. He is a great role model, and he has helped me to learn so much. I know that I am lucky to have him in my life.
Who models character, service, and excellence in everything we do?
Character, Service, and Excellence in Everything We Do