Teaching and Learning

A Message from the Director of Teaching and Learning
As a district we are given the responsibility to provide students with the   most critical competencies necessary for them to be successful in their chosen post-secondary pathway.  The responsibility drives our district's strategic plan , the district’s commitment to continuous improvement.  As the needs of today’s learners and tomorrow’s workforce continue to evolve, our school district must be innovative and maintain a focus on education and learning for all if we are to graduate students who are college or career-ready.
This office is charged with supporting these endeavors. The vision and goals outlined our district's strategic plan drive the work we do as teachers and learners in our school district. In order to graduate students prepared for their next post-secondary pathway, we must ensure all students have access to a guaranteed viable, rigorous curriculum and an opportunity to engage in high levels of learning in each and every classroom. To this end, our district is a professional learning community with our teachers working in collaborative teams focused on five guiding questions:


  • What do we expect all students to learn?
  • How will we teach it?
  • How will we know they have learned it?
  • How will we respond when they don’t?
  • How will we extend and enrich the learning for students?


Collaborative teams meet across and between grade levels to ensure a guaranteed viable curriculum aligned with the Iowa Core; develop assessments to guide teaching and learning; and identify instructional practices to meet the needs of all students in their classrooms.

Carlisle Community Schools has a hardworking, dedicated staff working each and every day to meet the needs of students. There is a deep sense of pride and a genuine commitment within the buildings and throughout the entire school community to provide a quality education for each and every student.

If you have any questions about student learning or curriculum-related issues, please contact Dana Lillis, Director of Teaching and Learning at 515.989.5310 or [email protected]

Character, Service, and Excellence in Everything we do.
The Carlisle Community School District, in partnership with students, families, and our community is dedicated to:
  • Meeting the needs of all students
  • Recognizing the uniqueness of each child
  • Preparing students to lead productive, moral, responsible lives.