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Model PLC District; Solution Tree 2018


EVERY student must wear their ID cards at designated times from 7:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. while on school grounds. Administration and teachers try very hard to be familiar with all of our students.  However, it is a challenge for every staff member to know each of our 1,100 secondary students.  Therefore, it is crucial that we are able to identify everyone on campus.

One Student ID Card, lanyard, and protective case will be provided at no cost to every student at the start of the school year. Students will receive a new Student ID Card at the start of each semester.  Students can display their ID in a holder of their choice if they choose not to use the school provided lanyard and holder.

The following are the procedures and requirements that all teachers and administrators will use to encourage our students who need assistance in complying with the policy.

Students will need their Student ID for all of the following:

To purchase lunch/breakfast.

To check in or out of school through the main office.

To check out a book and/or Chromebook at the library.

To purchase student tickets during school hours for school sponsored events.

To request transcripts or other confidential documents through the registrar’s office.


Student ID Badge Requirements:

All students are required to wear their ID Badges on a lanyard around their necks. Lanyards must be visible while on school and district properties.

School IDs cannot be worn on a shirtsleeve, pants, outside of pockets, under a coat/jacket or at the bottom of their shirt.

If a student is wearing a jacket or sweatshirt, the Student ID must be visible.

The ID Card must be presented to any school staff member or person of authority when seeking student identification. Failure to comply with a reasonable request from any staff member is defined as Defiance of Authority. Any consequence will be in addition to the one for the ID violation.

The front and back of the ID Card must remain plain and free of stickers, markings, other photos, etc.

Lost, stolen, altered, damaged, and defaced ID Cards must be replaced IMMEDIATELY.

Cost for replacement is $5.00 for a new ID Card.

ID Cards must be worn every day. Students should be in compliance with the ID Card Policy during the school day (7:45-3:45).  Refusal to comply with the School ID policy can result in disciplinary action according to the district code of conduct. 

Teachers will do an ID check at the beginning of each class period each day.

Students are excused from wearing IDs during classes where they present a hazard to student

safety (i.e. P.E., Industrial Tech, FCS). They should be properly secured during this time.

Damaged or defaced ID cards will be confiscated and must be replaced at the student’s expense.

Students are responsible for their I.D. cards. A student who has lost his/her identification card should apply for a replacement in the Main Office.

ID badges shall not be duplicated.

Any student with unauthorized possession of an I.D. card not belonging to him or her will be subject to disciplinary action.

Students withdrawing from school must return the ID badge in order to complete the checkout process.


What happens if a student does not have an ID?

Students who do not have an ID Card, should proceed to the school’s designated location before the start of school to obtain a temporary ID beginning at 7:45. This service will be available until the first period bell. School Locations for Temporary ID Cards:

Middle School: Media Center

High School: Main Office

If a student reports to class without a proper ID or a temporary ID badge, the teacher will send the student to the school’s main office. 

Students have the opportunity to purchase new ID’s each morning from 7:45-8:10 and during all lunches in the school’s administrative office.

ID Badge fines will be paid in the school’s administrative offices. Permanent Replacement ID Badges:

  1. Permanent replacement ID badges may be purchased for $5.00.
  2. Lanyards may be purchased for $1.00.
  3. ID Card Holder may be purchased for $1.00.

All ID fees must be paid in full for a student to exempt exams or participate in specified activities.


Consequences for NOT properly displaying/possessing a Carlisle Student ID Card: 



School officials may:

First – Third Violations

Notify Parent/Guardian

Issue Temporary ID Badge

Fourth & Subsequent Violations

Issue Temporary ID Badge

Notify Parent/Guardian

Refer student to Administrator

*Student’s ID violation counts will be cleared at the start of each semester