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Ms. Olivia Weigel - HS Science

About your teacherI graduated from Iowa State University in 2020 and 2021 with my Master's degree in Secondary Science Education. I am excited to be back at CHS for my second year of teaching! This school year, I will be teaching Physical Science, Biology, and Zoology. I will also be back assisting the volleyball team and girl's soccer teams this year!
Courses taught by Ms. Weigel:
Physical Science: This is a freshman course that will be focused on the physical aspect of science. We will have many interactive labs and activities that will allow students to discuss topics such as atoms and human sustainability. 
Biology: This is a freshman and sophomore course that will be focused on living organisms and their environmental impact. We will have a combination of individual, partner, and group work, and students will have the ability to collaborate with many of their peers. First semester will focus on DNA and human genetics, and second semester will focus on energy and ecology.
Zoology: This is a brand new (!!) science elective at the high school this year. In zoology, we will learn about various animal groups, some anatomy and physiology of those groups, as well as organization and body patterns. We will cover: insects, amphibians and reptiles, birds, and end the semester with mammals. Zoology is a hands-on course that will include two dissections and be centered around group collaboration. 
The 2022-2023 school year is going to be awesome, and I am very eager to see returning students and to meet all of my new ones!