Hard Surface Plan



The Carlisle Community School District developed an emergency hard surface route plan. The purpose of this plan is to provide a bus transportation system on days when it is not possible to run the buses on gravel roads. In situations such as drifted or icy country gravel roads, or soft surface gravel roads, this plan will be implemented. 

  •     Announcement concerning implementation of the Emergency Hard Surface Route plan will be made on via the district messenger system.
  •      The decision for implementing this plan will normally be made no later than 6:30 a.m.
  •      When the plan is utilized in the morning, it will also be utilized in the afternoon. District will notify parents if afternoon routes location are changed no later than 12:00 p.m.
  •      Buses will stop at gravel road/hard surface intersections as listed below. Please decide which intersection is closest to where you live and wait there. 
  •      Students who live in the country who are not able to make it to a hard surface pick up spot will not be counted absent from school if parents write a note to the school informing us of the problem.
  •      A student will not be left at a drop-off point unless a parent/guardian is there to pick them up. If no parent/guardian is there, the student will be brought back to the school and parents will be required to pick them up as soon as possible.