About Me:

Hello! My name is Kelsy Temple and I became a Wildcat in 2017, when I joined the English Language Arts department. I teach seniors in one class each of Issues in Contemporary Literature and British Literature, but I work with both seniors and juniors in all 5 of my Composition courses. Students in Comp earn 3 college credits per semester through DMACC and I love that I get to help so many students take advantage of free college courses!
I came to Carlisle CSD Expo Alternative Learning Center in Waterloo, where I worked with at-risk and struggling students, and from Upper Iowa University where I taught Composition I, Composition II, Speech, and Women in Literature where I worked with college students of all ages and majors. Needless to say, my previous jobs prepared me for learners of all levels, backgrounds, and ages.
I am originally from Boone where I was born and raised as a Cyclone, so I was only too happy to leave Hawk Country behind and enter into Cyclone territory again. I love tailgating at Jack Trice and have had season tickets to ISU football for 15 years. I have An 11-year-old daughter (Scarlette) and a 5-year-old son (Santana), and have been married to my husband for almost 14 years, so tailgating is definitely a family affair!
I also love animals and would take home every stray I came across if I possibly could, but at the moment, I have 4 cats: 2 old guys-one that's deaf and the other that's blind, and 2 little guys that have Cerebellar Hypoplasia, known as "wobbly cat syndrome," so my house is full for now. When I'm not spending time with my family or my pets, I love to read, research topics of interest, write poetry, and be outdoors.
I look forward to getting to know your student and helping them become an even more effective communicator:)
Kelsy Temple
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peaceI~Jimi Hendricks
Bachelor of Arts: Secondary Education, 2008, UNI
Master of Arts: English Literature, 2014, UNI