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Grading & Reporting

At Carlisle High School, our grading and reporting system is structured to reflect what a student knows and is able to do through grades being based on summative assessment results. Part of the student learning journey is through formative assessment work which is considered practice and does not impact a student's grade. Below are key definitions of the two different types of assessments:


Formative Assessments - assessment for learning

  • Considered “practice” for students over skills or concepts
  • Used to check levels of understanding within the unit
  • Ex. homework, quizzes, CFAs, Exit Slips, etc.

Summative Assessments - assessment of learning

  • Means to assess student learning at a given point in time
  • Ex. tests, projects, speeches, etc.

In Infinite Campus, you will have two separate categories and weighted as follows:

  • Formative Assessments - 0%
  • Summative Assessments - 100%