Open Enrollment

2024-2025 Open Enrollment 
We are now accepting open enrollment applications for the 2024-2025 school year.  Applications will be reviewed in March-April of 2024 and letters will be mailed with the decision.   

Parents are responsible for transporting children who are open-enrolled to another district. Open-enrolled students from low-income families may qualify for transportation assistance. The parent/guardian should file for assistance with the resident district.

Students who open-enroll in grades 9 through 12, shall be immediately eligible for varsity athletics if one of the following applies:  1) The open enrollment meets the definition of good cause.  2) The board of directors or superintendent of the resident district issues or implements a decision that suspends the discontinuation or suspension of varsity interscholastic sports activities in the district of residence.  3) The board of directors of the resident and receiving districts agree to waive ineligibility.  A student who is academically ineligible in their resident district will be ineligible in the receiving district for the remaining period of ineligibility declared by the resident district.

As a general rule, appeals of open enrollment decisions should be filed as an original court action in Iowa District Court.  Iowa District Court appeals should be filed in district court in the county in which the primary business office of the resident district is location.  If an application is denied based on repeated acts of harassment or a serious health condition, the parent/guardian may appeal to the State Board of Education. The appeal process is outlined in the Parent Open Enrollment Guidance document above..

For more information please click here to access the Iowa Department of Education’s page

You can drop off completed applications in the Administration Office (430 School St in Carlisle), fax to 515-989-3075 or email to [email protected].

If you have any questions, please contact Joy Gibson in the Carlisle District Office at 515-989-3589 or by email at [email protected]