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Model PLC District; Solution Tree 2018

6th Grade Orientation

Since 2015, CMS has annually held a 6th Grade Orientation that's been very successful in helping transition incoming 6th graders to Carlisle Middle School.  Here is the information about this year's event:


WHEN:               Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

TIME:                 12:30 – 3:00 pm

WHERE:             Carlisle Middle School starting in the Gym (parents my drop off students at the Main or Back entrance)



  • 2.5 hour Orientation
  • CMS learner expectations
  • Distribute and walk-through upcoming school year schedules
  • Practice opening and using lockers
  • Understand lunch procedures
  • Q&A sessions with all of teachers


Our 6th grade Orientation provides 1:1 student time that Open House can’t; while 6th grade Orientation is intended for students only, parents are welcome to accompany their child if they wish to.



Q1:  Where do I need to drop my child off for Orientation?

A1:  You may drop your child off at either CMS’ Main Entrance (called “Carlisle Way” or at the back circle called “Wildcat Circle”


Q2:  What does my child need to bring to Orientation?

A2:  Nothing except themselves… they will be given their 2019-20 schedule and other important info/items.


Q3:  If my child comes to Orientation, do they need to go to Open House?

A3:  Most 6th graders who attend Orientation do not come to Open House last since the 6th Grade Orientation provides them with everything they need, but of course 6th graders/parents are welcome to come to Open House!


Q4:  How many parents attended with their children last year?

A4:  Last year, less than 5 parents attended Orientation with their child.