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Report Card Information

CMS sends home report cards at the end of each semester (18) weeks and the below information is to better help you understand how to read the report.
If you have a question about a specific class or grade, please directly contact your child's teacher.


Grade Point Average (GPA)

  1. Unless a class is designated as a High School credit course (which is taken at CMS), all other CMS classes are not calculated as part of a Grade point Average (GPA) and thus do not transfer to CHS  
  2. HS credit courses with a GPA that will transfer to CHS inlcude:  Algebra 1, Physical Science, and Spanish 1


CAT SKILLS Definitions

  1. CAT Skills are not part of a student’s letter grade/GPA and are used to provide feedback to students and parents about behaviors observed in the classroom
  2. Con = Consistent
  3. Incon = Inconsistent
  4. NI = Needs Improvement



  1. INC = INComplete grade
  2. Students have approximately 5-7 days to finish up or complete incomplete assessments, projects, etc.
  3. Teachers will be able to provide specific information