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Middle School » Report Card Information

Report Card Information

CMS sends home report cards at the end of each semester (18) weeks and the below information is to better help you understand how to read the report:


Grade Point Average (GPA)

  1. All classes at CMS are a semester long except for PLTW and STEM which are 1 quarter (9 weeks)
  2. Except for the following HS credit courses, all other CMS classes are only part of the CMS GPA which means they will not transfer to CHS  
  3. HS credit courses that GPA will transfer to the CHS:  Algebra 1, Physical Science, and Spanish 1
  4. Students who had Physical Education (PE) during 1st semester will only have a Q2 GPA; this Q2 GPA is also the 1st Semester GPA
  5. Students who had PLTW or STEM during the 1st quarter will have both a Q1 GPA and Q2 GPA; this is because PLTW and STEM are 9 week (quarter) classes and thus whatever course was taken during 1st quarter is listed as the Q1 GPA


CAT SKILLS Definitions

  1. CAT Skills are not part of a student’s letter grade/GPA and are used to provide feedback to students and parents about behaviors observed in the classroom
  2. Con = Consistent
  3. Incon = Inconsistent
  4. NI = Needs Improvement



  1. INC = INComplete grade
  2. Students have approximately 5-7 days to finish up or complete incomplete assessments, projects, etc.
  3. Teachers will be able to provide specific information