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CAT Skills

CAT Skills is a rubric tool used by teachers and students to teach and encourage appropriate social and academic behaviors. Separate from grades, the rubric provides feedback to students and parents about behaviors that are observed in the classroom.

The below rubric defines these essential behaviors, is a teaching and monitoring tool for teachers and students, and is a source for parent communication. 

Reporting these social and academic behaviors separate from student grades provides students and parents with valuable information about student behavior as a learner and how they can be supported at home.

This information will be provided to parents through Infinite Campus and on report cards. Teachers will report a ‘Consistent’, ‘Inconsistent’, or ‘Needs Improvement’ as based on the following criteria:

  • Consistent: Regularly exhibits the behavior 

  • Inconsistent: Does not regularly exhibit the behavior 

  • Needs Improvement: Does not regularly exhibit the behavior AND interventions to support improved academic and social behaviors will be implemented as needed; this will include communication between staff and parents/guardians which may include meetings with all stakeholders to provide support towards improvement.